Sports in Bali

A globe trotter's paradise, the green tropical landscape of Bali is blended beautifully with the emerald waters of the sea. The island boasts of a long stretch of coastlines which allows tourists to soak under the sun and get the perfect tan. But if one desires for more than just enjoying the sights and sound of the region than indulge in the array of sports and recreational activities available in the island. Sports in Bali are a favored pastime of the locals and with the years it has become very popular amongst the visitors.

The foremost sports in Bali which one expects to find in the island is surfing and diving. Bali with its beaches is famous for housing few of the best coastlines for surfing which are flocked by surfers from across the world. The most popular spots for Surfing in Bali are Cangu and Medwi in northern Kuta.

Surrounded by sea, Bali also offers snorkeling opportunity to the travelers. Beginners can take help from the local professional divers. Few of the best locations for snorkeling in Bali are the southern beaches of Sanur and Nusa Island.

Another favored Sports in Bali in Indonesia is biking, one of the popular mode of exploring the interior regions of the island. Biking in Bali can help the travelers get a fresh perspective on the local lifestyle. The travelers can also trek down the rugged terrains and relish the countryside. Trekking in Bali can be tiring but for adventure enthusiasts this is the best way keeping fit and sightseeing.