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Music Clubs and Theaters in Bali

Bali, one of the picture-perfect islands of Indonesia, is a traveler's paradise. The incredible beauty of the golden sandy beaches and the green stretches of paddy fields nestled in the lap of the blue hills mesmerizes the tourists. The cultural and the religious heritage of the island account for its popularity as a tourist destination. A trip to Bali is incomplete without a feel of its art and culture and the euphony which reverberates in the air and cast a spell on the tourists.

There is no dearth of things to do in Bali where the quintessential dance forms like Wali or sacred dances, Bebali or ceremonial dances, and the secular dances named Balih-balihan are preserved and exercised with a lot of gusto and diligence. There are a whole lot of Music Clubs and Theaters in Bali who have treasured all the gems in the cascade of Balinese culture.

Pasar Senggol in Bali and the Taman Werdi Budaya in Bali are the two exclusive options serving myriad of amusements to the guests. The Pasar Senggol in Bali is a popular venue in the Grand Hyatt in Bali. It is designed as a traditional night market which embraces all the mystique of Bali, art, crafts and culture of the island. The cultural scene in gets colorful with the famous dance performances of Bali arranged in order to please the visitors. Catch a glimpse of the authentic Balinese dance performances staged here and you would be cherishing the memory for the rest of your life. The dance performances range from the intriguing monkey dance to the epicurean Ramayana Ballet and the exquisite Legong. Accompanied by the renowned musical instruments like bamboo and piped orchestra, the performances leave imprints in your memory.

Taman Werdi Budaya is a large theater complex which is home to a number of theaters and galleries. It is famous for playing host to the annual Bali Arts Festival. There are several wonderful and spacey stages and theater halls here. The largest among the amphitheaters can accommodate upto 7000 people at one time. Other notable auditoriums with traditional names are Tetaling, suited for pastoral dramas,and Wantilan a more quintessential in-round-theater and Ksriranawa, a proscenium stage with seating capacity of 500 people as audience. Both traditional and contemporary performances are staged here.
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