Cinemas in Bali

The traditional forms of entertainment in Bali are replete with a strong religious fervor and are truly eye-candy for the visitors to the wonderful island. You would never be at a loss about your next activity as there are a myriad of things to do in Bali, ranging from attending electrifying performances in the Music Clubs and Theaters in Bali to watching an authentic Indonesian film in any of the Cinema halls in Bali. The cinemas in Bali have popped up as a wonderful form of amusement and both locals and expatriates.  

Once staggering with prosperity, the film industry of Indonesia is not what it used to be. But all the measures are being taken to improve the situation and cinemas in Bali are gaining in popularity again with local as well as other imported western movies. Jakarta International Film Festival held annually is a big event in the film calendar of the whole country.

The largest chain of movie theaters in Indonesia is 21 Cineplex. Spread across 24 cities of the country, this is the most notable among the Movie complexes in Bali. This movie complex is located in Denpasar, at a distance of a few hundred meters to the west side of the main local market. If you are keen at getting a feel of the authentic Asian films or the Indonesian movie along with the recent hit European flicks visit this cinema complex. Special films on martial arts and action movies are also screened here. All these promote the cinemas in Bali and make it enjoyable to such an extent that you can't avoid its lure.
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